Text Messaging Is A Problem At School

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Since the rise of the internet in the 1990s, and the sending of the first text message in 1992, technology has rapidly become essential to our lives in the 21st century. Our generation relies on phones to communicate instead of just talking in person or writing a letter. People are so connected to the internet that we forget all the little things that matter around us. Some say that it does have an impact on literacy, and others believe that it does not and that it is simply just another form of the English language. The biggest problem is that text messaging is a problem at school. Slang is damaging students’ writing and teachers are worried that children will bring slang words into the classroom and their writing. Text messaging has become detrimental to academic literacy. Cellphones have become one of the necessities in todays modern lifestyle for every teenager and adult. People depend on cell phones for accomplishing their day to day activities in their professional and personal lives. Everyday over 5 billion text messages are sent. People are so engaged in sending things to their friends at a rapid speed. People walk around with their fingers glued to their phones and not caring about anything else in the world. Phones are causing this fear that "text messaging language" will soon replace the standard English language and young people will become unable to use the language properly. Most Americans (adults and students) cannot go without their cell phones for
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