Text Messaging and Persuasive Speech Outline

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Persuasive Speech Outline on “Texting while driving” March 21st, 2013 I. Introduction A. The main premise of my argument is that no one for whatever reason should be texting while driving. B: Defining the issue: Distracted driving while texting 1. Texting and driving 2. Lack of concentration, losing focus on driving 3. Looking at texts and not paying attention to the surroundings scenery C: Standing on this issue? All drivers need to be aware of distracted driving and take steps to minimize the risk to themselves and others. “I’m asking you today to listen to the statistics and the stories and decide for yourself whether that one text message, is worth the cost of a human life.” II. Supporting Facts #1 A: While distracted…show more content…
C: Conclusion about this detail: It is very important to first acknowledge the dangerous impact of this distraction’s alarming statistics that shows about the safety of driving while texting. Many people don’t see and think about the consequences that can occur in this situation. More and more companies are implementing new strategies, for instance, signing a pledge not to use the phone while on the road, and these new changes are adding more responsible drivers. But it is still not enough to say that we have gained control over the problem. V: Conclusion: Therefore according to the facts and statistics that were shown previously, people that are still texting while driving might think that they can juggle these big frames of steel they drive every day, with devices like their cell phones without paying the price, are greatly mistaken! First off, no one can say that texting while driving is not one if not the most dangerous action one can do behind a motorized vehicle. What can refute that problem that seems all around us whether commuting or not. Consequently due to the nature of the cell phone use while behind the wheel drivers should not have permission under any circumstance to text while driving. Regardless of the stance every individual takes on this matter, people need to realize the importance of this issue and implement the good driving behaviors. As
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