Essay on Text Messaging and the Negative Effects on Teens

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The mobile phone, invented in 1979, by Douglas Han is one of many ways that has changed the way our society communicates. With the mobile phone comes a list of features and capabilities such as checking emails, Internet, taking pictures, viewing and recording video, and video calling. Out of all the features that are available with mobile phones, SMS has become the most commonly used feature in popular culture, especially with teenagers. Short Message Service (SMS) began as just an idea of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) in the mid 1980s; it wasn’t until the early 1990s that phone companies started to visualize the possibilities commercially (Crystal 3-4). On December 3, 1992, before cell phones were designed to…show more content…
The monthly cost for unlimited messaging ranged anywhere from 10-20 dollars a month, while mobile minutes cost an average of 40 cents per minute, and an additional 45 cents for every minute over the monthly limit. Texting has become a convenient, quick, and inexpensive way for teens to stay connected with parents and friends. Text messaging has bridged communication gaps between parents and their children, and because text messaging isn’t as personal as face-to-face communication it gives them the boosted confidence to make new friendships or talk to the person that they might not otherwise talk to (Silvers 10). Other benefits of text messaging that appeal to the younger generation of teens is the discretion used when it becomes inappropriate to talk on a cell phone (e.g. movie theater, business meeting). If a person is unable to hold a full-fledged conversation due to completing chores, or homework, watching television, attending church, or listening to a lecture, text messaging allows for multitasking. Teenagers use the feature as a way to stay connected to entertainment such as TV voting, and social networks (e.g. twitter and facebook). Text messaging has become an indispensable medium of communication that teenagers use in their everyday lives (“Articlebase”). Although there are many benefits to text messaging, excessive use of this new wave of communication carries many negative effects, especially for teenagers. Research

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