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Text presentation of the extract “Anne meets her class”

Lolita Romanyuk
201st group
Language and literature (Modern Greek)

The title of the text is “Anne meets her class”. The author’s name is Dora Jessie Saint, best known by pen-name Miss Reed, she is an English novelist. The text is extract from the novel “Fresh from the Country”, the story of a young country girl who has taken a first teaching job in the big city.
The text tells us about first day of a young teacher at school. She was introduced to her new class by the headmistress. At that moment Anne felt helpless and embarrassed. The headmistress, Miss Enderby, is imperious and strict person, she spoke in an imperative tone and with children and with Anne. When
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When Miss Enderby gave Anne final instructions I think Anne felt reassurance because Miss Enderby was very polite and she said that she could depend on her. In my opinion in school Anne was attentive and diligent student, she was active and had good relations with teachers. When the headmistress went out and the noise grew in volume, because the children communicate with each other very animatedly, Anne remembered advice given her at college in such a situation: to stand still and to be calm and gradually children will notice that you are waiting. Such advice could give her one of her teachers.
Plot structure of the text is direct. It consists of the exposition: “Anne meets her class”; the beginning of the plot: “Miss Enderby goes out of the class”; plot complications begin with the phrase “Anne gave watery smile” and end with the phrase “Anne advanced into action”; the climax of the text is considered in the following phrase: “To your desks!” she roared, “And quickly.” and the denouement: “Anne’s self-esteem crept back”.
My attitude to Anne is positive. Reading this extract I understood that she is good-natured and modest person and treats with respect to other people. What about the text itself? Unfortunately we don’t know the continuation of the story, but
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