Text Response: All a Poet Can Do Today Is Warn

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'All a poet can do is warn' Contrary to popular beliefs which state that war glorifies patriotism and machoism; Wilfred Owen's 'The War Poems' strips back all that is perceived as good and warns readers of the dark underbelly of war. By targeting all the senses of the readers, Owen is able to reveal the main message that lies beneath all the words of his poetry: war is futile. By examining the warnings and messages Owen tries to convey, not only do the detrimental effects of war on a soldier's mentality become stark; readers are also allowed to immerse themselves into a world filled with war propaganda. In constructing his poetry in such a way, the warnings of the horrors of war act as a deterrent to all of those who still believe the Old…show more content…
Instead of looking like a 'God in kilts', he returned 'legless, sewn short at elbow' and '[took] whatever pity they may dole'. This blind patriotism which resulted in dismemberment, demonstrates how the attitudes from different parties towards war can affect an individual. The messages and warnings throughout Wilfred Owen's 'The War Poems' are as clear as they are controversial at the time. By going against the principles and ideals that were associated with war, Owen offers readers a fresh perspective on this topic. Drawing on first hand experiences, Owen is able to add depth and body to his arguments and warnings which deftly defies anyone who still chooses to believe the Old Lie: 'Dulce et Decorum est pro patria
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