Textbook Analysis

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University of Latvia
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Department of English Studies

Textbook Analysis

3rd year, group B student
Kristaps Briedis

Riga 2013


The “Focus on Advanced English C.A.E.” is written by Sue O’Connell and first published in Pearson Education Limited at the Edinburgh Gate, Harlow in year 1999, and the edition at hand is the thirteenth impression printed in 2006. The textbook is oriented for students preparing for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English examination. Further, the analysis of syllabus will be based on the material given in the revised and updated edition of the “Advanced English C.A.E.”
The whole text book consists of 240 pages. It includes fourteen units, which are divided
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Writing is said to be a method of representing language in visual or tactile form (Online 5). And more important it is a skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text (Online 6). There are many reasons why writing is important, for example, the ability to express one’s thoughts and ideas, communicative competence (letters), also it serves as a record, as in expressing one’s ideas for future references (Online 6). There are different types of writing – writing to inform, educational writing, writing to entertain, persuasive writing and motivational writing (Online 7). To improve writing skills there are some essential instructions that need to be performed – research, think, organize, write, edit, revise, relax (Online 7).
Two writing exercises are included into the unit 12 of the “Advanced English C.A.E.” The first exercise is writing an article (~250 words) about an interesting adventure. The textbook has a good approach to the writing tasks as it provides a ‘Task Checklist’, where there are several guideline questions concerning format and approach, content and organization, style and the target reader, for example, ‘Who are the magazine readers?’ or ‘What language features are needed for this content?’. Also the textbook provides a ‘Writing File’, where the features of different
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