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Textbook evaluation 1) Introduction • Title: Teacher’s Guide. Comprehension Plus. Level A. • Authors: Dr. Diane Lapp, Dr. James Flood. Modern Curriculum Press. • Publishers: 2002, by Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Modern Curriculum Press, imprint of Pearson Learning Group, 299 Jefferson Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054. This edition is published simultaneously in Canada by Pearson Education Canada. • The textbook does not show the 1st edition only current publications date – 2002, this seems to be the 1st edition. • English language is the target language the students are taught. • The purpose of this textbook is to help students learn and practice strategies to develop their comprehension, and word study skills they need to succeed…show more content…
Another Plus of Comprehension Plus textbook is a premise in helping students to be taught the strategies which will help them to comprehend the written text. The students have to understand all dynamics involved in using the skills in a meaningful context and be aware that the skills exist. And the biggest Plus in Comprehension Plus Textbook is that the students get much more than practice. They get direct instructions in the strategy after each comprehension skills as well as practice activities and they can apply the received skills in a meaningful context. • Good connection between reading and writing, selected interest passages for this textbook engage easy the students in reading and learning a new language with love, also variety of fictional and nonfictional genres selected for this textbook make the reading to be motivated for students. Using direct and explicit instruction for students is the view of teaching in this textbook and the strongest way to teach comprehensions strategies to students at each level. The diverse materials and techniques used in this textbook facilitate an effective and attractive learning; form a positive view about second language acquisition in students mind. 2) Textbook Evaluation Rubric (1=lowest; 1=highest) Questions 1 2 3 4 5 1
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