Texting And Communication Essay

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Ever taken the advantage of texting or video call to communicate with people instead of gathering the confidence and talking in person? The amount of texting in this society has increased gradually over the past decade with a percentage of over 7,700% (Burke). Since the development of communication on modern technology, this generation’s ability to communicate in person has been damaged through lack of face-to-face interactions and improper grammar. Although texting and social media may benefit relationships in long distance, privacy is invaded and the lack of interactions in person can damage relationships. Furthermore, texting has changed the way the world communicates because it provides an easier option for people to choose to contact people. To begin with, texting has changed the way society in the 21st century communicates because it deprives social skills of a person. The increasing amount of conversations developed on technology has affected the confidence and social skills of this generation because communicating behind a screen is different from communicating in person. Before sending a message, an individual can erase and retype a message before a mistake is sent. On the other hand, in a verbal conversation, errors are irreversible once something is said. Several people have turned to technology to get over their fears of confronting people. Not only does this decrease the confidence of social skill in this generation, it also increases cyberbullying, a form of
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