Texting And Driving: An Unrestrained Dog In A Moving Car

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It is a bright sunny day outside, the weather is perfect, and a trip to the dog park seems like a great idea. Man’s best friend is standing on the passenger seat with its head sticking out of the window and its mouth wide open. This probably sounds perfectly normal and something that happens all the time but there is a giant problem here that can be easily solved. An unrestrained dog that is able to freely roam around the cabin of a moving vehicle can be an extremely dangerous distraction for any driver. The solution to this potential hazard waiting to happen is to use a vehicle safety harness made specifically for dogs to properly restrain the traveling pet in the back seat of the vehicle. While having an unrestrained dog in the cabin of a moving vehicle…show more content…
Texting and driving has been a major cause for concern in recent years. According to the
National Conference of State Legislature, 46 of the United States have a ban on text messaging while driving (NCSL, 2016). There is no doubt that texting and driving has been the culprit in many vehicle collisions and fatalities. However, it seems as though many states have failed to recognize that a dog that can freely roam around inside a moving vehicle can be just as distracting as texting and driving. A cell phone does not have the capability of going to the bathroom in a car, jumping out of the window, chewing up the upholstery, and running around the cabin. A cell phone is relatively stationary and is generally only moved by the control of a human operator. Drivers have the ability to avoid using the phone while driving but when a
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