Texting And Its Effect On Teenagers

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There are many different ways to communication with people in the world, but the most frequently used method today is texting. Walking around in public, you see many teenagers with their phones glued to their hands and their face cemented on the screen texting away. The idea of texting was supposed to be a faster and shorter way to communicate with people. Although the original concept of texting was a brilliant idea, it’s constantly abused and causes nothing but harm to teenagers in today’s society. Teenagers have created shortcuts, alternative words, or acronyms to decrease the amount of letters and characters used to get a point across. Instead of texting out “by the way” teenagers will text “btw” or instead of texting “in my opinion” teenagers will text “imo”. Teenagers will text “u” instead of “you” or “w/” instead of “with”. This has become such a common thing among teenagers that they won’t even realize they’re typing with slang. When writing essays, they will actually use things like “w/” or “u” and not even notice it because they’re so used to seeing it in text messages. Text slang makes teenagers look absolutely uneducated. Texting is sabotaging the youth in today’s society. Teenagers are not experiencing as much face to face interactions as they probably should be. Instead, they’re becoming more dependent on communication through texting. Many teenagers would prefer to send a text message than to make a phone call and that’s sad. Because people are so reliant on
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