Texting, Calling And Driving

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Texting, Calling and driving Texting or calling has become very popular among teens and adults while operating a moving vehicle. With all this new technology coming out on the market for cell phones that are supposed to be safe for the road such as hands- free devices like Siri, are they really safe for the public or is it just another way for companies to make money by sugar coating the real truth about cell phones. There is no dough that cell phones are helpful, but at what cause. Losing a limp or a live is that the price people are willing to pay for using their cell phones on the road. All it takes is five second for the driver to lose focus on the road to cause an accident. Each year there has been more accident cause by people using their cells than those who drink and drive. It has been proven that hands- free devices such as Siri and other voice active devices are as dangers as dialing the number or typing the words on the phone. Statistics shows that “our result suggest that the use of hands-free devices could also put drivers at risk” (2). We as a society give in to the sound of that beep on our phones. Especially since texting has become the new way of communicating amount people, to keep in touch with each other and the world and it news. Nowadays you can do anything on your cellphone device that normally would be done on a computer like banking, shopping, surfing the internet, emailing and finding people from other states or countries. “Driving while using
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