Texting In School Research Paper

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Disrupting class with texting, playing video games, inappropriately using the photography feature, or receiving calls can affect students’ class participation grades as well. Some school take the phones from the students and never return them; other schools keep them until the end of the school day Others label the phones and place them in a container on the teacher’s desk until the end of class. California and Kentucky as well as other states impose fines if a driver is caught texting while driving. Scheduling and safety are the main reasons parents want their children to have access to cell phones during school hours. Schools might be able to lessen these battles be rethinking the place cell phones might have. Even with school policies in place against students having cell phones with them during the school day, schools continue to discipline students for infractions of the rules and defend the policy with parents. While texting certainly can be very disruptive and distracting in many situations, there may be advantageous uses for texting in school. In either case, parents are notified that their children have violated the school policy on the use of cell phones during school hours. A recent university study found that 90% of…show more content…
Recent research has revealed that texting (in class, in meeting, at dinner) has become a significant problem in the united states. Others see no other alternative but to support a complete ban of cell phones in the schools. Texting might be used to quietly share information, ask and answer questions, indicate next steps, and even communicate with the teacher without audibly disrupting the work of the other groups. Moreover, inappropriate use of the phones for cheating on tests has punishments ranging from reduction of the score by a particular percentage to automatic failure of the
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