Texting : Outlaw It And The Education System

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Drucilla Miller Matthew Landrus English 121 7 July 2015 Texting: Outlaw It in the Education System December in nineteen ninety-two, the first text message was sent. Believe it or not, texting was not meant to be a communication method like it is used now to replace voice messages. According to Crystal David, “It was originally conceived as having commercial use, or possibly as a service for mobile phones to signal the arrival of a voicemail message.” As anyone can see today cell phones have become a staple in our everyday lives. However there comes a point where cellular devices have become a hindrance, especially in a high school education setting. If you are a parent I am most certain you’d want to be sure that your high school child…show more content…
Being on a cellular device in class is a sign of disrespect, it tells the teachers that the student either doesn’t care enough to pay attention or that they’re just being rude. Even from an education stand point, studies show through classes that grammar and spelling are going downhill; the slang used for texting has come across in homework assignments, and has also become an easy access for cheating. A social standpoint can be brought into this argument as well. Students are becoming extremely comfortable with emailing their instructor if they have a question or having troubles in class, instead of having the confidence to see the teacher in person. In an educational setting this may not seem like such a major setback. But how will that continue on in their later lives if that is a habit that has been picked up early on? As I mentioned earlier, being able to use a phone in class is distracting for everyone involved, and it’s been proven. There was a study done for the Research in Higher Education Journal in the Southeastern part of the country at a university with sixty-two undergraduates. Half of the class was able to text during a lecture while the other half was not. After the lecture a quiz was given and the students who were able to use their phones had a significantly lower grade performance versus those who had nothing to do but pay attention. Why would you want to allow a student at an
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