Texting : Outlaw It And The Education System

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Drucilla Miller
Matthew Landrus
English 121
7 July 2015
Texting: Outlaw It in the Education System
December in nineteen ninety-two, the first text message was sent. Believe it or not, texting was not meant to be a communication method like it is used now to replace voice messages. According to Crystal David, “It was originally conceived as having commercial use, or possibly as a service for mobile phones to signal the arrival of a voicemail message.” As anyone can see today cell phones have become a staple in our everyday lives. However there comes a point where cellular devices have become a hindrance, especially in a high school education setting. If you are a parent I am most certain you’d want to be sure that your high school child is paying attention in class, and not trying to text his or her buddy. Cell phones should not be permitted for use of high school students during education hours for that reason and many more. The amount that a teenager uses their phone for texting is outrageous as it is, let alone if they were allowed to do so during school hours. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, which was written about in Jennifer Ludden’s article, showed that schools that have a ban against cell phones, fifty-eight percent of students said they are guilty of texting during class. That is over half of the student body admitting they have their phones out during class when it is not allowed. That is not only distracting for…
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