Texting, Texting And Driving

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Texting and Driving English 135 Professor Wright DeVry University Prewriting What is your narrowed topic? Be detailed in your answer. You can use any of the versions you’ve developed for prior assignments. The narrowed topic for my paper is about how laws are more effective in preventing texting and driving compared to the use of apps or devices that prevent the in-car use of cellphones. Who is your primary audience or reader? Why? Be detailed in your answer about your audience. My primary audience will consist of the teenagers and the young adults as they are the ones most likely to text and drive. In a sentence or short paragraph, what is your thesis statement, including your angle? Write what will appear in your essay. My point is that although the use of apps and devices that prevent in-car use of the cellphone is helpful at preventing drivers from texting and driving, the implementation of strict laws would still be more effective at curbing such habits. What topic sentences will you use as the foundation of your communication? (If necessary, add more points.) • In 2012, Texas college student Chance Bothe was texting that he needed to stop texting because he said that he could die in a car accident (Zafar, 2012). • Indeed, texting and driving is a growing problem in our country. • The purpose of this proposal is to identify the measures that would be most effective at preventing people from texting and driving. • It is important to establish

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