Texting While Driving Essay

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Stop Texting While Driving
I. Attention Getter- audience participation/ survey a. How many of own a cell phone with texting privileges? b. Now how many of you have ever texted while driving?
II. Thesis Statement- Did you know that texting while driving can be more dangerous than driving while drunk?
III. Credibility- I found these statistics along with other information on drivinglaws.org and various other sites.
IV. Preview- Today I will be discussing statistics, a few laws in different states, and a story in hopes that I will be able to persuade you to ignore texting while driving.

I. So as I said, texting while driving is more dangerous than drinking while driving. a. Virginia Tech Transportation
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This includes the House Bill 1013 which went into effect back in October. It bans any driver of a motor vehicle to engage in text messaging. A few other states that ban the use of a cell phone while driving are Illinois, California, New York, and Indiana has a ban on any one under the age of 18.

III. A lot of young drivers have so much confidence in their driving and texting skills that they think that nothing could ever happen to them. Some of you may even think that you’re a good enough driver that you can text and avoid an accident. I don’t know how well any of you can drive, but I do know you risk your life every time you pull out your cell while driving on the road. I found this video that is too long and too graphic for this speech but I encourage you to go on youtube after this class and watch this video. Just go to Youtube and type in UK texting accident and it will be the first link that pops up. Please watch this video and you will understand why I am stressing this topic.

I just discussed with you the statistics of driving while driving, states with laws prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving, a video link to visit, and a story from my high school town. I hope you will consider the information I just shared and I strongly urge you to visit the video link, UK texting accident. All I want you to remember after this speech is that no text message is

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