Texting While Driving

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Jakai McDaniel Professor Plunkett English 1101 ww 11 October, 2017 End the Use of Cellphones While Driving Cell Phones are becoming more urgent to drivers today and have increased the amount of wrecks because of texting and driving. In modern days, phones have become very involved and we have been able to be presented with all these useful ways to be able to communicate with each other such as texting, video chats, and being able to call one another whenever we prefer. Text messaging being the number one way we communicate with one another because it is so convenient, but according to Jacob Masters “texting while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving” (Masters, 2013). Many people have witnessed a driver using their phone at an inappropriate time, think it would have sent a sense of uneasiness and urgency through their mind. If you relate back on how someone acts while using their phone, they focus mostly on the conversation being had on their phone and they usually end up zoning out the distractions around them. Can you imagine how someone focusing so deeply on their phone can give their complete attention to the rode? It’s almost impossible. The use of cellphones while driving should be stopped because the driver that uses their phone loses all focus on the road, and the amount of deaths caused by motor vehicles due to texting while driving continues to increase. Texting while driving makes you more likely to crash, it makes you become blind, and slows your brake

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