Texting While Driving Should Be Banned

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Texting While Driving Should be banned Texting while driving is a common phenomenon for the young generation. Texting driving is also a one big distraction, which increases the car accident. According to the research by CDC, distracted driving kill more than nine people in the United State American every day (Stulberg). The figure was raised every year. It is shocking that people still are ignoring the issue that puts themselves in the dangerous place. In some state at American, there already a law for not allow use phone when people are driving. Since states has passed this plan and did it pretty well, it proved that text driving should be banned everywhere. People texting while driving is an inconsiderate behavior; it lacks a sense of responsibility to everyone includes themselves. To set up laws is no easy thing, it need to consider of kinds of factors such as punishment, inspection, people will and so on. It is the right thing to do. Human life should be more significant than anything. The law about forbid people use phone in the car is based on the life people should think. Especially with the young people, they text all the time. Countless texts are sent in a month. They get it during the eating, driving. They think it is no big deal and has the confidence nothing will happen until the accident and maybe nothing happen to them their entire life. They send and pass the wrong idea to other people. People near them are insecure. The worst case is some teenagers is taking
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