Texting With Friends By Susan Campbelle: Article Analysis

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dy that shows the brain is sensitive to the phone's radiation emissions”(1) He also says that he would performer texting over calling. I will use this article to show ways that a cellphone can be dangerous due to all the chemical and equipment it uses and how it can affect our human bodies. Campbelle, Susan. “Drawing a Line on Cellphones Parents Try to Set Rules to Keep Teens From Going Overboard When Talking and Texting With Friends.” ProQuest (2008):1. Web. 26 November 2015. In Susan Campbelle article, she tells her audience that today children who have access to cellphones are using it for inappropriate use. She argues that children believes that “Cellphones are the most important thing in the world” (1) She then tells us a story of a ten year old boy and how his parents deal with his addiction of cellphones usage. The article works primarily around the kids and parents that the author interviews and quotes that, “Children are using their cellphones inappropriate nowadays. I will use this essay in order to contextualize my argument about why cellphones…show more content…
He argues that a cultural monster should have a, “Cultrual body”(12) and support this with his second thesis where “ The monster always escapes” (13). The authors third thesis describes that “ The monster is the harbinger of category crisis” (14)and claims that his fourth thesis “The monster swells at the gates of differences” (15) explaining that monsters are different and people are scared of different things. Cohen describes all of his seven thesis which leads to the question what did we create monsters. I will use this article in order to show that as humans we can create a monster in our society by Cohens thesis, for example zombies are considered as monsters and today because of the use of cellphones we are creating dead minds that depended too much on technology where humans wont even need to think
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