Texting and Driving Essay

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“It’s the number one killer of teens” (Clark, 2013). A war is waging on throughout the streets of America. Everyday people risk their lives by driving. The enemy? Texting while driving. It is the act of composing, sending, or reading text messages while behind the wheels of a running vehicle. Driving under this influence is extremely careless and dangerous to others and is likely to cause accidents resulting in injuries or deaths. This problem is on the rise because the only ones with the power to make an impact against ending this war are law makers and law enforcement. The truth of the matter is law officials are losing the battle against people sending text messages while driving a car on the road. Law officials are mulling over the…show more content…
There have been bans put in place by certain states, but these laws do not carry enough weight to make an impact and often have no adverse effect on texting and driving polls. “Texting and driving does not merit a point on the driver's Department of Motor Vehicles record, and the fine for the first offense is twenty dollars" (Ferris, 2011). Twenty dollars is hardly a penalty at all, and these laws are practically do nothing. The public will not change their dirty driving habits unless the penalties become real. One cause of the problem is the concern that created laws will simply by ineffective in truly preventing texting while driving, causing law makers to hesitate the process of imposing stricter laws. Concerns raised in evaluating texting while driving legislation echo concerns raised in evaluating the efficacy of most legislation—whether the proposed law will serve its stated purpose, and whether it is over- or under-inclusive (Ferris, 2011). Determining the exact restrictions and articles of a texting and driving law while enforcing punishment and protecting rights can be a difficult task. Another cause of the problem is the exertion that comes with law enforcement identifying drivers who are texting. Most drivers will text with their phones in their laps, which is difficult for law enforcement to detect (Ferris, 2011). Technically, a driver could be texting or simply

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