Essay on Texting and Driving vs. Drunk Driving

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Texting and Driving vs. Drunk Driving Over the last century, technology has helped society move forward, making things faster and easier. Having a vehicle has allowed people to reach a destination faster than they would if they had to ride a bike or even walk. Also the ability to now text using a cell phone speeds up the communication process even more. With all the new technological advances you have to many people taking advantage of it; by texting while they are driving to make business or personal communications even faster. On the other hand you have a new technological advance combined with the alcohol that has been around for ages. Drinking brings out a different side in every person. You have some people that are happy,…show more content…
It found that drivers who sent a text had slower response times, and were more likely to drift in and out of lanes compared to drivers who were intoxicated. The study found that reaction times for those who sent a text while driving were 35 percent worse than when they drove without any distractions at all. When driving while intoxicated, the reaction time was only 12 percent worse than when the driver was sober and driving without any texting distractions (“Neiger”). The third test showed; At 35 miles an hour, Mr. Alterman’s average reaction time was .57 seconds, but while texting it rose to 1.36 seconds, more than twice his average reaction time of .64 seconds while under the influence. Mr. Brown fared better, but his average reaction time of .45 seconds rose to .52 seconds while texting, worse than his average time of .46 seconds while driving drunk. The results of the tests at 70 miles an hour were better in terms of reaction times. But at highway speeds, the extra distance traveled before coming to a complete stop was much greater. For example, Mr. Alterman traveled an average of four feet farther while driving drunk and an average of 70 feet farther while texting(“Chang“). As a research shows, texting and driving is much worse than driving while drunk. When you drive drunk it makes your reaction time a little slower and throws your balance off a little bit. But on the other hand texting and driving is

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