Texting in Class Is Rampant

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21 April 2014

Cellphones are most common in society. The ease of access allows us to have the world at our fingertips 24 hours a day and we never have to unplug. We can surf the web, book a flight, check the weather, and message a friend 1000 miles away without leaving our bed. Texting has fast become the preferred form of communication for young adults; however, students need to be dissuaded from texting during class because of the result in loss of valuable class time, lack of effective communication skills, and consistent use of improper English leading to a negative impact on students’ learning. Maryellen Weimer, PhD recently posted in Teacher Professor Blog “most students don’t multi-task
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Lack of comprehension and poor course work will result in a lower grade average. Students may become frustrated and give up easily. Using texting as a quicker and more efficient form of communication takes the emotional connection out of the equation. It allows us to not be physically near the recipient or to take responsibility for miscommunications that lead to hurt feelings. While texting, students do not need to make eye contact with their recipient or learn to read their body language. In addition, there is no need to learn the art of persuasive argument or exchanging and building on ideas. This is not only harming students in the classroom, but can have negative effects when entering the workforce. After leaving college, students hope to land a job in their field of expertise. In the workforce, teams are a diverse collection of persons – all ages and different cultures. Texting may be acceptable in some situations, but there is still a great need for face to face interactions. We learn how to become more comfortable meeting new people and interviewing for jobs. There is nothing wrong the light banter between friends that texting can provide, but the conversation is not necessarily deep. Texting allows us to stay in touch with others in a most efficient way. We type a quick text, hit send, and in a matter of seconds our recipient has our text. Receiving a text is fast, but typing out a clear, concise
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