Textual Analysis : Credit Risk Management Practices

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As to the techniques chosen for this research, textual analysis is employed and a comparison method is also adopted. It is believed that these methods are suitable for the research because through analyzing the relative bank performance reports, access to all the available information needed in the research can be gained and assessment can be made, which provides both a separate evaluation and generalization on the sample banks’ credit risk management practices. Those outcomes will be the findings about the second research question and the basis of the rest of questions. While comparisons, as already implied in the research questions, are obviously necessary means for answering the last three research questions, from which the possible…show more content…
Those listed retail banks dominate the sterling-denominated banking business and are the focuses of this research and will all be included in the quantitative research part. While by reading through the relative information about their credit risk management approaches, it is found that some of the banks don’t differ much in the practices and can present a whole picture on the standard practices, which indicates the possibility and reasonableness of conducting the qualitative research only on part of the MBBG members. Regarding this, two groups of samples are chosen for the qualitative research. By using average total assets of the nine banks as the grouping criteria, RBS and Barclays, which have higher than average total assets, have been put into Group One (larger banks) while Bradford & Bingley and Northern Rock with lower than average total assets are selected as Group Two (smaller banks).1 Judging from the amount of their total assets, it is confirmed that the two groups have presented a relatively large gap in size. Besides, one issue that is worth noticing is that among MBBG members, four were mutual building societies which converted to banks, including Abbey National (converted in 1989),

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