Textual Analysis Of Aqui-Live Advertisement

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Advertisements are potential enticements intended to persuade and inform consumers of the latest trends available for purchase. With products and services being widely advertised digitally, visually, in print or on radio, all employ similar yet diverse marketing strategies which makes them successful in their purpose. Located in Nourish magazine Aqui-Live’s promotion attempts to convince its target audience to invest in a healthy beverage while Barossa Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014’s advertisements, featured in The Weekend Australia magazine, has its potential clients believe that this wine is essential in the lives of women who enjoy a tasteful red.

Advertisements play a vital role in the lives of consumers and hence there are various purposes for each specific advertisement marketing a particular product, shown through both Aqui-Live and Barossa Valley Estate Wine. The purpose for Aqui-Live is quite distinctive as it aims to convince health-conscious consumers that this product is essential in their daily life as it not only maintains “health and hydration” but also prevents disease. Alternatively, the Barossa Valley Estate Wine employs
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Aqui-Live’s mineral water is intended for women, evident through its feature in Nourish magazine which is directed towards individuals interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These health-conscious women desire to be “perfectly hydrated” and thus no longer wish to be in a “constant battle” through their attempts of maintaining this hydrated state which comes so easily by drinking this product. In contrast, the clientele for the Barossa Valley Estate Wine are, although also women, ones that instead drink alcohol and enjoy a drop of red and appreciate award winning wine. With the bottle priced at $25.00 the wine’s drinkers are content to spend their money on this quality and award winning
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