Textual Analysis Of Edgar Allen Poe 's ' The Raven '

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Textual Analysis of Edgar Allen Poe “The Raven” Michelle Zaharek December 1, 2014 The Raven Edgar Allen Poe was a poet, author, editor, literary critic, and husband. His works have been pulled apart many times and the DNA of his words dissected by critics and literary analytical writers. He has been the center of attention, but he did not start off that way. Beneath his sad eyes is a story that rarely gets told. When people think of Poe, they think of a gothic horror writer, not necessarily an imaginative with a “single effect” of a literary work. He was also part of what they call the American Romantic Movement. Many of his poems interact with a female named Lenore. But in order to understand their relationship, you must first understand his history to fully break down his most famous tale, The Raven. Poe was born on January 19, 1809. He was born into a family of two actors. The father really destroyed the family when Edgar turned one. He would drink and become very abusive, until he decided to walk out the door and never return. The following year his beloved mother fell ill and died of consummation. This little child had a life almost predestined just from his past. Edgar began writing at the young age of thirteen and worked very hard at it constantly. In 1830 Poe enrolled in WestPoint, and after WestPoint he went on to write full time, and in 1835 Poe married his cousin whom he loved. He continued to write but was never seen fully as a writer by many until he finally

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