Textual Analysis Of Troy

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Troy is clearly the protagonist. He’s likable and complex. He’s the type of character that feels like he can attract talent, given his range of emotion and his deep, psychological need and inner struggle. Troy’s choices to find his biological family and give Gigi a ride move the story forward. Troy has a solid external goal and he’s driven by his inner, emotional need to find out about his biological parents and connect. It’s a solid goal and objective. The stakes are personal. Troy is well established as being obsessive-compulsive. He has a fear of germs. The story really never fully addresses or resolves this. There are several great scenes that highlight his behavior through action and great visual storytelling, but there’s no resolution.…show more content…
The stakes are personal and physical (headaches). There’s an organic ticking clock tension, as Troy gets closer to Bay City. This creates nice anticipation. The idea of the “black mustang,” also adds tension and anticipation. It’s like a black cloud following him and eventually the twist is revealed, but there’s no satisfying ending when Troy meets his double. Thus, that’s why it might be more effective to clarify that when more than one dimension comes together only one can survive. If the audience understands this, this will create natural tension that only Yuseff or Troy (or Vincent) can remain in the same dimension. This would have to be resolved. This could make for a more compelling climax and overall plot. There’s personal conflict between Troy and the other characters, such as Gigi, Ben, the police, and Lana. While this provides some conflict, it feels too mild. The ending with the preacher, Ray-Ray, and Yuseff, doesn’t really create compelling enough tension. Highlights to Consider Find ways to evaluate tension and suspense. The most tension comes with the idea of the black mustang. Thus, what if only one “Troy” could live in the same dimension. This would generate compelling…show more content…
Clarify the backstory about Gigi (how she died, how baby was given up). Clarify more effectively how the idea of doppelgangers and parallel worlds help Troy come to resolve his identity and family issues. While the connection between the origin of the universe and the origin of Troy are well linked, at the end one doesn’t really understand how Troy meeting his “double” Yuseff really impacts him or helps him solve his inner conflict or feeling or belonging. Reconsider the title – it doesn’t do justice for the script. Overall, a creative and imaginative script with a very unique voice, but at the same time, it’s ambitious and left up to interpretation. It’s not always an easy script to follow or
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