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Towards a better and cleaner textile industry
[Textual Analysis] Written Assignment 4

This assignment is through an analysis of appeal forms, speech acts, move structures, text functions, text types and relevant rhetorical strategies going to determine the genre and purpose of the text ‘Towards a better and cleaner textile industry’, which was posted on Novozymes website on March 30, 2011.
Appeal Forms
The text consists of a number of logical arguments that promote the use of enzymes in the textile industry, which means the dominating appeal form is logos. This is supported by the use of numbers (l. 1-3), scientific terms as polycarboxylates, enzymes and molecule and the reference to the special trial method; LCA (l. 18-23). This
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17-38) and at last the peroration (l. 40-45). This is supported by the common known subject i.e. that Novozymes produces enzymes and the use of both logos and ethos appeal. In addition, the move structure more specifically follows the news-report move structure as it uses the inverted pyramid, where the most important information is in the beginning. The moves are: Event (l. 1-3), then interpretation (l.4-8) followed by background (l. 10-15), details of the event (l. 17-23), background (25-42) and at last comments from people involved (l. 42-43). As the text comes from Novozymes, it would though be characterized as a press release which often bears resemblance to the news-report move structure. Though as mentioned in the paragraph about appeal forms, the use of ethos indicates that the text is not only made for an informative purpose.
Text Functions
At first sight, the function of the text is the informative text function, as it seeks to express something about the referent. This is supported by the dominant use of logos appeal, representative speech acts and the move structure being press release. Though, as the commissive speech act and indirect directive speech acts are also present, there is evidence that the text also has an indirect directive text function as it tries to affect the receiver to use enzymes. In combination with the use of ethos, this indicates that the text has a character of argumentation.
Text Types
As stated above
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