Textual Analysis of Alexie’s “Because my Father Always Said...”

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Textual Analysis Essay Textual Analysis of Alexie’s “Because my Father Always Said...” America truly is the salad bowl of cultures from around the whole world. However, there is often times a dominating cultural structure that makes it difficult to attain peace among the diverse cultural groups of America. Sherman Alexie’s short story, Because my Father Always Said He Was the Only Indian Who Saw Jimi Hendrix Play ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ at Woodstock, displays the difficulty of the Native American people having to cope with the dominating culture that they are inevitably being shoved into. The main character Victor, a young boy who reflects much of Alexie’s personal traits, tells the story and struggle of his people through the…show more content…
I’m interested in how things should be.” He refused to accept the injustice that he lived in, so he fought. His father’s fighting spirit never rested; according to him, “Indians are pretty much born soldiers….” There was a distinguishable difference between how Victor and his father thought. As Victor dreamt about his father’s experience at Woodstock and tried to gain some sort of commonality and understanding with his father he said, “But as much as I dream about it, I don’t have any clue about what it meant to my father to be the only Indian who saw Jimi Hendrix play at Woodstock.” He realized that he had no idea how to relate to his father. His generation had no idea how to relate to the wounded generation of his father’s. The assimilation of the Native American people into the unaccepting American culture caused an un-relatable, un-mendable, and incomprehensible separation of thought and relationship between the young and old generations. There was a chasm created by the breaking of a culture. Alexie showed the brokenness of the Native American people through the personification of Jimi Hendrix’s music and alcoholism in Victor’s Father. His father was constantly in a state of medicating his anger. Alcohol and Jimi Hendrix both offered his father a source of freedom. Jimi Hendrix was similar to Victor’s father in that he was known as an angry and rebellious man. He lived a dangerous life of drug addiction and violence and died at the young age of 28. His

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