Textual Analysis of Rudy Giuliani's Speech

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The calculated attack by terrorists stirred several reactions that were apparent in varied art forms. Other people mourned those who died using poems and songs while other individuals called for urgent action in form of speeches together with letters. One specific rejoinder was the speech from Rudy Giuliani to the General assembly of the United Nations addressing the inhumane acts of terrorism. His speech embraces specific techniques that seem effective when used in spoken rhetoric in contrast to written rhetoric.
Giuliani's Ethos Giuliani's speech uses three rhetorical techniques that are mostly efficient in spoken rhetoric. The elements are significant in creating humanly connections with the intended audience. Repetition often emphasizes the exact points as rhetorical questions helps in relating with the audience. Giuliani uses ethos in the beginning of his speech to create a lasting relationship with the audience together with appealing to their humane wish for trust and honesty. Ethos happens to be a very strong short-ranged influence on attitude listener together with the willingness to understand the message. Ethos inhibits the innate desire of a listener to question or at times doubt the speaker. Even though Giuliani's speech comprises of various illustrations…

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