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Heart Healthy Information Security Policy Due to personnel, policy and system changes, and audits, Heart Healthy has voluntarily updated their information security policy to be in-line with the current information security laws and regulations. Currently Heart-Healthy Insurance, a large insurance company, plans to review and provide recommendations for an updated information security policy in the area ‘s of: 1. Current New Users Policy – The current new user section of the policy states: “New users are assigned access based on the content of an access request. The submitter must sign the request and indicate which systems the new user will need access to and what level of access will be needed. A manager’s approval is…show more content…
The combination of the password and the complexity directly lead to its unpredictability. With 8 character complex passwords, with current GPU processing power a password can be broken in less than 26 days by exhausting all possible combinations. Proposed Password Guidelines * Passwords should be a minimum of 14 characters * Passwords based on dictionary words are prohibited * Passwords based on pet names, biographical information, children’s names, no names of relatives * Passwords must consist of a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, and a special character * System will remember last 12 passwords * If passwords are written down, they must be kept in a safe place, e.g. a wallet, or a safe. Passwords are not be be written down and tape to the bottom of the keyboard, stuck to the computer monitor with a sticky note, or put in an unlocked desk drawer. * All passwords will be changed every 90 days Proposed Password Policy Heart-Healthy password policy guideline is a recommendation for creating a new user password. This policy is a guideline to help end users in: * Choosing and creating a strong password * Ensure that passwords are highly resistant to brute force attacks and password guessing * Recommendations on how users should handle and store their passwords safely * Recommendations on lost or stolen passwords Password expiration * Password expiration

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