Th Battle of Tora Bora

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Introduction The battle I will be discussing is the battle of Tora Bora. The engagement took place in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan from December 12, 2001 to December 17, 2001. The units involved were from the CIA, numerous Special Forces groups, Pakistani soldiers and local anti-Taliban fighters. The mission given to the forces was to kill Osama bin Laden from the caves, leave the body with the Taliban and disrupt the Al Qaeda organization by removing their leader. The intent was to infiltrate the cave system, remove bin Laden and return home. History Osama bin Laden was an adversary of the West for years and it was known to the whole world. Unfortunately, he took it a little further by having two planes fly into the World…show more content…
The Americans were able to visit the frontlines and get a sense of what terrain and personnel they would be working with. This was a success on the part of the American effort to enhance the chances of mission completion. Overall, the planning and preparation was poor. The United States did not receive good intelligence on the cave system. It was grossly inaccurate. The complex was nothing close to the information given. Another issue that arose was the expectations of the Pakistani and local fighters. The United States expected better participation from both of the groups. Their hearts were not in the fight and they were less than helpful throughout the conflict. On the hand, the American assets made the effort to gain information through the locals and their knowledge of the land. This portion of planning and preparation was a success. Deployment The deployment of the American troops was performed well. The troops were deployed rapidly to their area of operation with the proper equipment needed for the task at hand. The individual teams then separately move to the planned locations for observation and attacking. They used the local populace to encounter the harsh mountain conditions through utilizing donkeys to carry their equipment through the terrain. They also used the Afghan fighters as guides to get them through the tricky passes of the mountains. The deployment of the Pakistani troops was

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