Th Cruise Ship Industry Effects

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The Cruise Ship Industry Carlene Shaw Northern Caribbean University Tour209: Caribbean Tourism and Travel Ms. Murihead Question 2 1. (a) Critically evaluate the impacts that the cruise ship industry has on destinations. (b) Suggest recommendations that can be used to minimize or mitigate the problems Identified in question 2a. 1. Critically evaluate the impacts that the cruise ship industry has on destinations. The Caribbean represents the main market for the cruise industry. As a major destination, the Caribbean cruised has been activated since early 1980, and…show more content…
The reason for this is the simple fact that, as tourism development and tourist activity expands, so too does the potential harm, social impact and potential for human induced harm and disturbance to destination residents and the environment (Jackson 2006). Kenneth (2003), also concur with Jackson that even though the cruise sector has opened up an opportunity for heavy use and instantaneous cash flow from short term but intense use, this had added pressure onto land-based facilities, resulting in congestion, scheduling and control problems, which have affected visitor satisfaction which will result in decline cruise visitors. Other experts in the field agreed with the statements mention above that as the cruise ships continue to grow larger, further investment may be required. Under these types of tourism scenarios with high infrastructure or environmental costs, rapid growth of tourism may result in a stagnation of or even a decline in GDP (Gooroochurn et al (2005); Nowak et al (2003) and Nowak et al (2007). Social impacts Interactions between resident and cruise passengers can have positive effects offering residents the possibility of learning about the world and explore new life perspectives. The largest social issue for a destination is people pollution; increasing cruise activities restrict the space of residents and sometimes push them to adopt different moral conducts. Suggest recommendations
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