Th Narrative of Fredrick Douglass Analysis

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Early in the 1800’s American History, there were two different economical and cultural activities. The north created the industrial economy and the south depended on agricultural plantation. The development of textile industries in the north and in Europe led the high demand of cotton production and then slavery became more important source of manpower to the southerners. While the northern believe slavery as immoral and non-religious act to be abolished, Christianity in Southern America was wrongly defined to legalize the establishment and extension of slavery and a protector for the slaveholders’ inhumane practices. The slaveholders in the South forged the biblical fact that Ham was cursed and thus he should serve his brothers. They give…show more content…
When Douglass compares between the true Christianity of Christ he believes and the wrong Christianity of the south slaveholders’ practice, he recognizes the wide difference between them in which, the true believer follows “pure, peaceable, impartial Christianity…” and, in the contrary, he finds the slaveholders’ Christianity- “corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity.”(430) Douglass describes “religious slaveholders” are the worst, meanest, basest, most cruel, and cowardly. He considers them as so because he believes that Christianity of “this land” (in his time) is quite different from the Christianity of Jesus Christ with the widest possible difference in which, the “slaveholder’s religion” cannot be comparable with the “proper”(430) religion.
Once slave holders established the Biblical basis for originating slavery, they again restricted the Bible teaching to the non-colored people only. The masters decided to prohibit Sabbaths bible school for the slaves by their means of deceptive as dangerous thing that “unfit[s] him to be a slave” (364) and “unmanageable.” (365) Instead of devoting Sundays to teach Christianity to the superstition power believer slaves, the way the religious masters direct the slaves in Sabbaths was by “drinking Whisky, wrestling and boxing.”(401) while slaves try to learn the

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