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Th1rteeen R3asons Why was Jay Asher’s very first novel. For being his very first novel it was excellent, makes the reader think about how the smallest thing can really affect someone’s life. In this novel, Clay Jenson comes home from a normal day of school and finds a shoe box, which was mailed to him. When he opens the box he finds seven cassette tapes, this causes him to wonder where they are from. He quickly goes off to find a friends walkman to borrow and puts in the first tape. He hears a voice he hasn’t heard in quite a long time, two weeks to be exact. He hears the voice of Hannah Baker, she went to his high school, but two weeks prior to him receiving the tapes, she committed suicide. On the tapes are the thirteen reasons that…show more content…
While he gets really into what happens to everyone else in the tapes. Clay is very confused as to why he gets the boxes of tapes, but as he listens he gets more and more curious, until he finally hears his name, and his heart drops. Throughout this novel there are many things that contributed to Hannah’s suicide, most of which revolving around her high school classmates mistreating her. Everybody knows high school students can be mean at times, almost everyone has their own group, or clique, that can comfort them when times become not going well. While it may seem that not many older teens and young adults commit suicide, it is actually the third most common cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24. This book really makes the reader consider what could have happened if Hannah was treated better. It is unknown as to whether Hannah’s life could have been saved if her class mates saw her acting differently and decided to take action. This book was very well written, which causes it to be hard to put down and just flows. The characters were developed very well, after the first ten or so pages of the book, it is quite clear what kind of people Clay and Hannah are, as well as the other characters they meet. The overall theme is not the happiest, but it really causes the reader to think about who Hannah is, and how this could happen to almost any high school student, anywhere. All schools have their cliques and groups, but any one of

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