Thai Language and Society

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To understand Thai culture, belief and value, it is important to understand the language use in Thai society. According to sociolinguistic point of view, Thailand is considered the "Diglossia Society", where there are variety of languages use to serve a specialized function and are used for particular purpose. The purpose of the different language is to serve the different types of people. The standard Thai language is used with normal domain or normal people. Another language is used for " High Function" or with the higher status domains such as with the monk and with the King and the Royal family. This kind of language is called " Kam Racha Sap" / /. The difference of the standard Thai language and Kam Racha …show more content…
1. Borrow words from other language. 2. Combine other language with Thai language. Using only Thai words sounds too normal so we have to borrow words from other language to make Kam Racha Sap sounds different from the normal standard language. Moreover, only noun and verb are created as Kam Racha Sap.
Different kinds of word used in Kam Racha Sap.
1. Thai word only.
Noun : there must be the word "Pra or Pra Rach" / / in front of those nouns. For example, Kam Racha Sap Use With Meaning Normal Word
Pra Chao / / The King only Head Hua / /
Pra Sien / / the royal family Head Hua / /

Verb: We have to add the word "Song"/ / in front of those verbs. For example,
Kam Racha Sap Use With Meaning Normal Word
Song Pra Rachadamri / The King only To think Kid /
Song Pra Damri / the royal family To think Kid /

2. Combined words. There are two kind of combined words.
1. Thai with Thai
2. Thai with other language.
3. Borrow words from other languages. 1. Balee Sanskrit / / 2. Cumbodian 3. Malayu / Another type of Kam Racha Sap that is mentioned in this essay is the language used with the monk. It is also counted as Kam Racha Sap. The different between Kam Racha Sap with The king and the monk is that the king and the royal family speak normal language to the people but Kam Racha
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