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7/2/2013 |

Diffusion and Status of Information Systems As a developing country, Thailand’s use of Information Systems is on the rise. The diffusion of IS in a developing country is key in economic growth for that country. One main measure looked at related to Information Systems in Thailand is ICT, or Information and Communication Technology. ICT has led to new knowledge and innovation created which results in the continual development in the economy and society. In order to support the change of ICT to develop and promote the ICT capacity of Thailand in the global market, the ICT Policy of Thailand, or IT 2010 was created to be used as a framework for conducting the first
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Businesses have also been able to benefit from technology by becoming more efficient and competitive. Overall, Thailand is still at a developing state, but has come a very long way in the past decade.
Thailand, a heavily export dependent economy has become a newly industrialized economy and has been rapidly growing over the past decade. Although the emerging market still relies heavily on their agriculture sector, being the number one exporter of rice in the world, telecommunications as well as new types of services are emerging. Their GDP grew 6.5 %( 1) in 2012, and services followed by industry and agriculture make up the top three sectors. They are in fact the second largest economy in South East Asia after Indonesia, but their GDP per capita is still relatively low at around 5,000USD.
Over the last several years FDI (foreign direct investment) in Thailand has surged dramatically. From 2010 to 2012, FDI has grown from 118 billion USD to 159 billion USD (2). Much of the FDI has been focused on the manufacturing sector, technology companies including Intel and Seagate Technology are among the many firms. Most of the manufacturing from FDI includes high end assembly and production. Low end, low cost manufacturing that dominates China and other regional countries is not the strategy for companies looking to invest in Thailand. Thailand offers investors a mix of low labor costs and solid public infrastructure. Thailand’s public infrastructure is ranked by The
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