Thailand Highways Management Project Essay

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Thailand Highways Management Project


Group 3

1. Praphop Anantakoon St101942

2. Lam Quynh Tho St102016

3. Phan Thanh Nga St102056

4. Trinh Thi Kim Phuong St102015

5. Nguyen Thuy Hang St102062

6. Probal Dutta St101941

SOM, May 2005



1.The rationale of the study. 3

2.The Project Background. 3

2.1. The Project Information: 3

2.2. The Project Organization: 3


1. The Project Logframe. 4

2.The Project Work Breakdown Structure. 8

3.The Project Cost Estimation. 9

4.The Project
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2.The Project Background ------------------------

2.1. The Project Information:

The Thailand Highways Management Project (coded as P075173) is a big project covering three sectors, i.e., road and highways (80%), sub-national government administration (20%), throughout the northern areas of Thailand. It is sponsored mainly by the World Bank, accounting for 58% of the total investment capital, and with the counterpart fund presenting for 20% of the USD 146.39 total amount from the Royal Thai Government (hereunder mentioned to as RTG). This total amount is invested disbursed in a 5-year period for four majour programs implemented by the Department of Highways (hereunder referred to as DOH), Ministry of Transportation.

2.2. The Project Organization:

DOH is government agency responsible for building and maintaining the national highways network around the country. DOH delegates the work to engineer department. Within the Department, each engineer is responsible for several supervisory works of the road construction and rehabilitation program including the work coordination with the Project
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