Thailand: Investment Analysis

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Investment analysis; Thailand 1. PESTEL factors Thailand has developed into an independent nation found in the mainland of Southeast Asia. Thailand is a constitutional kingdom operating on systems of the Monarchy with the King who has ruled from the early years of 1946. This has earned him a title of the longest serving head of state across the world. In this nation, the King is charged with the responsibilities of the head of state. This is the 50th largest country across the world in respect to the total geographical area and has been rated the world's 21st most popular nation. Thailand has recorded approximately three million immigrants and has attracted a significant percentage of expatriates from developed nations (Wattanawisitporn, 2009). The following is a PESTEL analysis of Thailand: Political The political sector does not offer any opportunities, but they are expected to induce a new policy, which is likely to influence the expansion of business in the country. This policy is related to the target market and the large business sector. This policy may cause businesses to lose a huge proportion of the market segment, which can have a significant impact on the nature of businesses. Cultural and social factors Thailand is a potential business destination; therefore, it has massive enormous potential for development. While the country believes that business has a good impact on the society, businesses are considered as healthy for common citizens. Promoting
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