Thailand : Southeast Asian Country

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Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. This country is the only Southeast Asian country that has never been occupied by any European or other foreign country, except in war. Thailand is bordered on the west and northwest by Myanmar (formerly Burma); on the northeast and east by Laos and Cambodia; and on the south by the Gulf of Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, and the Andaman Sea. With an area of 513,115 sq km (198,115 sq mi) Thailand’s distinctive shape is often said to resemble an elephant’s head, with the “trunk” extending south into the slender Malay Peninsula.
About 75 percent of Thailand’s people are classified as Thai, despite this fact, Thailand contains many complex ethnic differences within its borders. The Thai people themselves may have considerable cultural differences from their fellow Thai countrymen. The people of the central plain of Thailand differ in culture and language from those of the north and northeast, known as the Lao. Many of the citizens of Thailand can also claim some Chinese ancestry, and Chinese constitute the largest single minority group in the country making up about 14 percent of the total population.
The mountains of northern Thailand are home to many different hill dwelling people, including the Hmong (also known as the Meo or Miao), the
Akha, the Karen, and the Lua’. Farther south are the areas that are the home the Mon peoples as well as groups of Vietnam and groups of Khmer (Cambodian) refugees. The southern peninsula is home to
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