Thales of Miletus

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Thales of Miletus was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher from Miletus in Asia Minor, and one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Many, most notably Aristotle, regard him as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition. According to Bertrand Russell, "Western philosophy begins with Thales." Thales attempted to explain natural phenomena without reference to mythology and was tremendously influential in this respect. Almost all of the other Pre-Socratic philosophers follow him in attempting to provide an explanation of ultimate substance, change, and the existence of the world without reference to mythology. Those philosophers were also influential and eventually Thales' rejection of mythological explanations became an essential idea for the…show more content…
Another remarkable achievement of his was deriving the theorem, popularly known as Thales theorem on basis of deductive reasoning. Thales is credited with the following five theorems of geometry: 1. A circle is bisected by its diameter. 2. Angles at the base of any isosceles triangle are equal. 3. If two straight lines intersect, the opposite angles formed are equal. 4. If one triangle has two angles and one side equal to another triangle, the two triangles are equal in all respects. (See Congruence) 5. Any angle inscribed in a semicircle is a right angle. This is known as Thales' Theorem. Thales’ method to find the height of the pyramid To calculate the height of the pyramids of Giza, Thales used the following proposition: two similar triangles with identical angles have their three sides in proportion. The great pyramid of Giza is made of more than 2.3 million limestone blocks Each of the blocks originally was covered with an outer casing of lustrous white limestone. This layer was later removed and used to build the city of Cairo. After this, the Pyramid's height was reduced by about 30 feet (9.1 meters). Thus the current height is 138 m. Another real life application Similarity is a concept that is the basis of scale drawing in architecture and engineering, used in building scale models from toy model airplanes to scale models
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