Thales was the First Recorded Philosopher from Miletus

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Thinkers within the realm of philosophy possessed a different train of thought that allowed them to make massive discoveries. Thales is regarded as the first recorded philosopher from Miletus. He believed reality was defined by water. Water rests on earth, reflects objects, and conforms to the shape of other objects. During what we call the ancient period, 600-300 BCE, communities lived by water supplies. Water is necessary to have the ability to obtain other means of survival. As opposed to referring to religion, Thales rejected the concept of Gods on Mount Olympus. The reality beyond mythology for Thales relied on the basis of water. Thales touched base with the concept of knowledge through observing and perceiving the way water functioned around him. Opposed to Thales, Anaximander perceived reality to be apeiron. Apeiron is defined as the indefinite. Anaximander believed the origin (arkhe) of reality to be divine and eternal while containing and guiding all within it. For him, water was too “concrete” of an object to be divine. In addition, remaining opposite elements triumphs water. Anaximander reasoned even if water were reality, it lacks in areas that makes it unable to be divine. Apeiron is an indefinite reality that is beyond the fixed matters on Earth. Anaximenes rejected this theory. In turn he contradicted that physics translated into objects surrounding us. The concept of aer does not refer to the air we breath rather a thick mist containing two processes:

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