Thalidomide Research Paper

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Thalidomide a once dangerous teratogen is now being used to treat cancer and inflammatory disease. Thalidomide was created in Germany and was sold in 46 different countries; it was originally intended to be a sedative but was later marketed towards pregnant women to help them cope with morning sickness. Thalidomide had an adverse effect causing birth defects. After the discovery of the birth defects being linked to thalidomide, the drug was pulled off the shelves to prevent further malformed babies. Now years later thalidomide is reemerging as a treatment option for cancer and inflammatory disease.
“Thalidomide is an organic compound consisting of three asymmetrical rings and the intimidating biochemical name of 2-(2,6-dioxo-3-piperidinyl)-1H-isoindole-1, 3(2H)-dione; it resembles know barbiturates in structure” (Carlson, 2006, p98). Wilhelm Kunz, who was studying ways to produce peptides, created thalidomide in 1953 in West German. He was trying to create a sedative that would be able to compete with other tranquilizing drugs on the market being sold in the United States. The study was taken over by Kunz’s colleague, Herbert Keller who thought the organic compound looked like a barbiturate. A barbiturate is a drug that affects the central nervous system as a depressant and acts like a
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Peripheral neuritis is when the hands and feet tingle or become numb and lose the sensation of touch. Grünenthal never did any extensive test on thalidomide before selling the drug to the public, when a standard test involving a rat on a exercise wheel failed he created another test that would work to get his drug approval to be sold a sedative. The new test that was developed was called a “jiggle box”, even though the drug got approved, as a sedative the test did not really prove that thalidomide was a
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