Thank The Wcccd Sna And Staff

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I would like to start by taking this opportunity to thank the WCCCD SNA and staff for allowing me to attend this year’s NSNA Mid-Year Conference. It was a wonderful experience, and it made me even more elated for my future career as a nurse. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet fellow nursing students and prospective employers and educators. I was impressed by the NSNA’s display of professionalism, organization and how they met the standards of the Code of Conduct established by the Board of Directors. Over the course of the conference, I was able to spend many hours at different workshops that gave me the information and tools that I need to integrate in my success as a student and future nurse. I plan to use the knowledge that I’ve gained to help jumpstart my career, goals and plans for the future. The first workshop I had the opportunity to attend was the NCLEX Review. This 2-day review course began on Thursday. It covered health promotion and maintenance, physiological and psychosocial integrity, and the nursing process. Other parts of the discussion covered, pharmacology, pathophysiology, medical diagnosis, and nursing diagnosis as well as obstetrics and psychology. The review was full information that provided some must know core content. It also provided tips on ways to develop brand-new nurse critical thinking skills. It provided NCLEX specific testing strategies. In additions to sample NCLEX style questions. Just to be more specific, the review

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