Thank You At Kingston University

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Thank you to Kingston University for inspiring me to write this book.
In 2007 I undertook the masters in Social work at Kingston University.
It came as a surprise to me that in all the years the social work course had been taught, it had not change much. The reader may ask how it is possible for the author to make such a sweeping statement. As the author I am able to make such a statement as I had been in the social work profession for over two decade when I began the masters training.
The demand on social workers and the delivery of services have changed over time in line with the social norms, social deprivation, government and policy changes and implementation and an ever evolving population.

However the delivery of social work education has not developed to reflect the needs or demands of the profession. One such area which is lacking in knowledge and exploration in the class room, is the growing incidence of violence. Domestic violence, peer violence and what society now readily term as “Gang violence”. This phenomena which is said to be sweeping the nation is one of importance but one which is given no consideration during the education process. Notwithstanding this the newly qualified social worker is then exposed to the ongoing occurrences of peer violence and gun violence without any prior knowledge or understanding of its implications.
In this book I aim to give you an understanding of the effects of guns and gangs and its implication for your practice…

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