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Hello XXXX Thank you for sharing this discussion. The coffee industry has seen many changes since those early days when James A. Folger first went to San Francisco 150 years ago. This situational analysis closely parallels the Kellogg’s example. Consumers’ lifestyle and buying habits are forever changing. The companies that survive over the years are the companies that are able to understand and anticipate these trends and adjust their products and services to meet the meet the evolving wants and needs of consumers. The companies who do it best, reap the rewards of increased market share, profits, and longevity. The leadership at Kellogg’s missed it. They did not see that consumers were no longer sitting around the table to have breakfast. The also missed that the trend of the consumption of copious amounts of sugary breakfast cereal on a daily basis was heading off a cliff. So as a result their sales and even the viability of the company is now at risk. Folgers is in the same precarious situation. The best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup was a catchy advertising jingle in the 80s. The trends are now moving away from that older generation that read the morning newspaper while having a cup a of joe, kissed the wife then went off to work. Those days are gone and never to return. The leadership at Folgers must now understand these trends and must now understand the new market of the millennials and next generation X and Y. The must understand how do they will

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