Thank You For Sharing Your Concerns Essay

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Thank you for sharing your concerns. I spoke with you regarding the experiences you have encountered in your employment that you believe are retaliatory. I have prepared this letter, at your request, to share the findings of my investigation. You and I have spoken on several occasions by phone. We reviewed the lengthy communication you submitted providing examples that led to your concern about an alleged retaliatory comment in your evaluation. Let me begin by reviewing the events you felt were inappropriate. These issues fall into several primary areas: (1) Terms and Conditions of work based on accessibility and providing work task clarification to newly promoted staff and (2) Comments in your 2015 Performance Management Mid-Year Assessment (TPT). Terms and Conditions You have raised the question about being admonished for not being accessible to management while engaged in work related activities or when off duty. You shared that Mr. Brian Kline, Director Road Operations, was rude when he confronted you about being inaccessible on two occasions. Information was obtained that Mr. Kline was unaware of your status when he attempted to reach you on one of those occasions. He has since requested that you and other members of the team notify leadership when out on approved leaves. This enhances the communication between team members. Mr. Kline also clarified expectations that managers be available on the properties when assigned weekend work. Mr. Kline’s goal is to

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