Thank You For Smoking Ethical Quotes

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True success can only be achieved should one be able to accept their way of life despite the views and criticism of others. In the novel Thank You For Smoking written by Christopher Buckley, the novel centers around Nick Naylor, a spokesman for a tobacco company, infamous for his unethical methods in the way he performs. As ruthless as he seems, however, it is due to this type of character that Naylor is able to come out on top and become the successful man he is today. Using Nick Naylor, Buckley demonstrates how humans are able to achieve the success they desire, but only if they are able to act on their own accord to do so. By following through decisions that are decided by oneself rather than the surrounding infleuences, one is able to…show more content…
Within his thoughts he displays this as said “Forget the kid! He’s history! Press the attack! Attack! Attack!” (48) where he manipulates a teenager diagnosed with cancer and uses it to his advantage to attack his opponents during the show. Naylor shows his lack of empathy towards the teenager and only views him as a tool for his personal gain displaying the less moral side of his character. Nevertheless, it is because of this behaviour that allows Naylor to come out on top as he is able to make such significant changes in an a way that would never be expected, thus allowing Naylor to continue moving forward with his…show more content…
Using Nick Naylor, Buckley shows how ones character does not define their chances of success, but is rather based on the actions they take in order to do so by using that character. Despite the harsh view of society, Naylor shows that he is able to achieve success by acting on his own accord due to his character and make decisions based off that no matter how underhanded they may seem. He does not let any influences impact his decisions whether that be society, his superiors, or even the law. As a result, he remains strong willed throughout his life in order to reach the new heights he desires. Therefore, if one is to pursue the path towards success, then they should be able to act based on their own accord and disregard the influences that may prevent that from
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