Thank You For The Reply

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Thank you for the reply. I do not really think I have "a sophisticated diction and great sense of punctuation," but thank you for that as well. I have been thinking about whether or not to reply after reading your letter because it does not necessarily require a reply and it occurred to me that sending an anonymous letter to someone who is trained to read could be a problem. There are little detailed that you could possibly pick up on and use to uncover my identity (especially if you are curious about it), but really, if you figured out who I am and confronted me, I would probably just deny it, so what harm could come from writing to you again? There is also the point that you probably have many students, so even if you do find compromising details, how would you pick who to associate them to? This makes me feel a little cruel actually. I do not mind long letters or "etymologies and word plays." To prove I do not mind long letter, I shall gift you with one. At one point, many years ago it seems, I wanted to learn Latin, but my parents insisted that a language like Latin would be of no use to me. Being an English Major is actually against their wishes as well, but I have recently been thinking about learning Latin. Why not? I disagree. Knowing Latin can be very helpful, and I have already disregarded some of their ideals, but this is why I would not apply for a medical withdrawal or an incomplete. My mother has a habit of... Well, I cannot think of a good word for her
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