Thank You Mr Falker

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Mrs. Jenkins does not openly punish the two because it may humiliate them. I like that she was trying to get the two other children to understand and learn through learning the language. At the end of the story, Olive and Sylvia are panicking about not learning how to write in Japanese but Yoko steps in to help them thus leading to a developing friendship between the three characters. This story references the module on resilience as the child faces difficulties but learns to overcome them. The child’s classmates sometimes limits their freedom of expression through different forms of bullying but if friends, teachers, and parents help, the child can learn how to recover and face their problems.
In Thank you Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco, the
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The bullying gets even worse as she gets older. Her main bully Eric bullies her to the extent she hides inside the stairwell during recess. It is a dark place but a place she feels safe from bullying. This is really upsetting to see because I hoped that the other children would show more care to Trisha instead of bullying her. Bullying is a mental violence that can leave a child in despair and even suicide. It makes a child feel unsafe, vulnerable, and alone. Bullying can be damaging to a child’s development. This is why I think the Seeds of Empathy program will be very helpful. In this program children have the opportunity to observe babies and read stories that will help them “less likely to physically, psychologically and emotionally hurt each other through bullying and other unkind acts” (Seeds of Empathy). Children in the program are ready to learn, problem solve, and cope with stress, which will be important for both children with aggression and children needing to confront their bulling. Children also need to “feel safe in their bodies and have a connection to a safe and available adult”
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