Thank You So Much For Such A Wonderful Semester

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Thank you so much for such a wonderful semester. I truly enjoyed your class and all of the energy and passion you brought to our lecture. You have inspired me in so many ways. I was a member of Group 16 with Esther and Abigail and had so much fun getting to know everyone. I made several friends and hope that I will remain in contact with everyone as my time at Texas A&M University continues. However, my main reason for writing this is to thank you for allowing me to get to know myself through the reflections that I wrote for your class. At the beginning of the semester I walked into Mays Business school without a purpose. I knew that I had wanted some type of administrative position in my future and business sounded like the perfect way to reach that goal. I am pretty good in math so I decided that I was going to get my degree in accounting, get my masters, and eventually become a CPA. I had everything planned out. As the semester began I thought I had everything lined out and perfect. When I came to your class and was told we would have to attend night speakers and write reflections I did not understand why. It was a mystery to me as to what good a reflection over a random speaker, whom I did not know, would do for me. However, as the semester went on, I continued writing all of these reflections and began to notice a pattern in my reflections. My love for others and desire to make a difference in the lives of others was evident. When I began to notice this reappearing…

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