Thank You for Arguing Reading Logs Essay

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Vincent Nguyen 8/15/11 Pg. 1 Chapter 1 Entry “…rhetoric offers a grander, metaphysical payoff: it jolts you into a fresh new perspective on the human condition. After it awakens you to the argument all around, the world will never seem the same.” (6) In chapter one, “Open Your Eyes,” Heinrichs states that argument is an important social element that surrounds everyday life. People who uses rhetoric, the art of argument, tends to succeed in persuading others to do their bidding. Many powerful politicians today mastered this tool. The most toughest arguments can be won with this art. Rhetoric has helped mankind develop complex societies, codes, and laws. “Every one of America’s founders studied rhetoric, and they used its…show more content…
The arguing continues in the past tense. The teacher could get angrier if this continues and then it could get out of control. If the student changed the tense to future, the argument would have been smoother. The student would say that he will try and be a little bit more productive next time. The teacher wouldn’t be as mad. He may let the student go with a warning. Changing the tense can be useful. It can keep someone from becoming emotional. 8/16/11 Chapter 4 Entry “Argument by logic, emotion, and character are the megatools of rhetoric (45)”. In this chapter, Heinrichs talks about three major tools of rhetoric that could help with persuasion. Many tough arguments can be easily won with one or all of these tools. Logos is used when a person is using his intelligence to win an argument. This can be useful when persuading a child that too much television is bad. Pathos is used when someone is using his/her emotions to persuade someone. It can be helpful when trying to make someone happy by sympathizing with their sadness. Finally there is ethos, a useful tool to someone who are consider popular among the social group(s). Many famous actors convinced many people to donate to those who had their homes destroyed due to an earthquake. They accomplished this because of their reputation. They used ethos to convince many people to do what the actors wanted them to do. With these three tools, many arguments can be

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